Nitrogen Evaporator SpeedoVap LV

Takahe Nitrogen Evaporator SpeedoVap LV

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SpeedoVap LV: Low Volume Nitrogen Evaporator

SpeedoVap LV (Low Volume) Nitrogen Evaporator the most commonly used evaporator model, is an automated high speed, low volume sample concentrator. It is an efficient new alternative to conventional evaporation techniques. SpeedoVap LV Nitrogen Evaporator & Concentrator can evaporate up to 50 samples in a batch. The system has the facility to use interchangeable racks for different types of tubes with different sample volumes (1.5 mL to 30 mL and Ria vials/test tube/centrifuge tubes).

A micro-processor control maintains the water-bath at the set temperature and the times for the operation. Gas can be turned ON in selected manifolds depending on number of samples. Nitrogen gas is blown through nozzle manifolds into samples which turn OFF automatically after process is completed. Besides other process and service alarms, the audio alarms indicate when the process is complete.

SpeedoVap LV is commonly used for evaporation of solvents in analysis of drug samples or pesticide extracts. It is ideal for sample volumes of 1 mL to 30 mL that need to be evaporated in GC vials, Eppendorf tubes, Ria vials, centrifuge tubes or other test tubes.

SpeedoVap-LV is also supplied with disposable nozzles for those labs requiring this facility. To avoid corrosion, the nozzles are fabricated with rust resistant Stainless Steel. For labs with highly corrosive chemicals, Takahe Analytical Instruments® can provide specially coated anti rust nozzles.


  • Unattended operation for up to 50 samples
  • Different interchangeable racks available for tube sizes from 1.5 mL to 30 mL
  • Controlled water bath adjustable from ambient to 80 °C
  • Built-in nitrogen regulator
  • LED display for better visibility under fume hood
  • Convenient size—no hood space required
  • Exhaust open to atmosphere or within Fume Hood
  • Easy to use water drain pump
  • Small foot print

Unique features are

Set programme cannot be changed once process has begun Printing and data storage facility available at minimal cost.

Technical Specifications

Number of Samples to evaporate (Maximum) 50
Max. sample volume 30 mL
Rack Supplied Any one Rack listed (additional racks can be ordered separately)
Water Bath Temperature Ambient to 80 °C. (Up to 90°C if needed)
Timer Range 1 min to 9.50 hours/indefinite
Gas Supply Requirements

Inlet pressure 100 psi

Gas can be turned ‘ON’ for any / each of five independent manifolds

Gas Regulator and Gas Gauge Range Provided – manually adjustable.
Gas Flow required 150 LPM
Exhaust In-built , Duct hose provided
Power Requirements 230 VAC at 50 Hz (110 VAC –available on request)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 25" x 14"x 13.25" (63.5 x 35.6 x 33.7 cm)
Net Weight 18 kg
Shipping Weight 25 kg
Technology Sample Vortexing

2004/22/EC Measuring Instruments Directive,

2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive

2009/105/EC Simple Pressure Vessels.

Gas control Gas can be turned ‘ON’ for any/ each of five independent manifolds

Racks available for the following test tube sizes

Test Tubes
2 mL Flip/screw cap micro-centrifuge tubes . Eppendorf tubes
3 mL 10 X 75
4 mL 12 X 75 / Ria Vials
4 mL 14 x 45 Screw Top Vial
12 mL 16 X 100
15 mL 17 X 125
30 mL 20 X 150
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