Multi Tube Vortexer

Takahe Multi Tube Vortexer


VTX Multi Tube Vortexer

The Multi-Tube Vortexer is designed for mechanical and chemical cell lysis, mixing suspensions, and general sample agitation. This vortex mixer gives a distinctly different motion than shaking a sample. With vortexing, greater shearing forces are placed on materials in the bottom of a tube, thus promoting either disruption or solubility. The Multi-tube Vortexer is the equipment to provide that extra degree of mixing. However, a single system can accommodate full rack of tubes or micro well-plate, vials or cylinder as opposed to single tube vortexers.


  • Higher throughput mixing of samples.
  • Designed to hold multiple test tubes, vials, or cylinders.
  • Inter-changeable racks alows multiple sized tubes to be vortexed within the same system.
  • Suction-cup feet dampen motion and prevent sliding on the work surface.
  • Maintenance free silent BLDC motor.
  • Convenient size—no hood space required.
  • Exhaust open to atmosphere or within Fume Hood.
  • Easy to use water drain pump.
  • Alarms for various processes to draw attention of the user.
  • Small foot print.

Sample Capacity Vortexer Mounts

Different sample mounts/racks available as below (Can also be customised as per user requirement)

  • 4 mL – 144 vials
  • Two Tarson Racks - 180 Ria vials
  • 15 mL – 25 tubes
  • 50 mL – 9 tubes

Technical Specifications

Model name Type VTXM-Manual VTXA-Automatic
Controls Microprocessor Controlled Microprocessor Controlled
Setting of RPM Manual with Knob UP DN Arrow keys
RPM Range 500 to 2700 LPM 500 to 3000 LPM
Display LCD LCD
Keyboard Settings NA Feather touch keys
RUN Time setting NA Settable 1 to 999 min
Elapsed Time Automatic Display Automatic Display
Pulse Mode Not available Yes (settable ON OFF TIME)
Electric Requirement 110 – 230 V AC 110 – 230 V AC
Product Dimensions WDH in cms 26 X 26 X 25 WDH in cms 26 X 26 X 25
Weight 16 Kgs 16 Kgs
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