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Welcome to Takahe Analytical Instruments® Because Samples Matter

Samples are the core of your business and we understand importance of sample preparation for good recovery and further analysis. Our Nitrogen Evaporators and Solid Phase Extraction systems are just what you need.

Takahe Analytical instruments R have been designing and manufacturing instruments such as Nitrogen Evaporators and Solid Phase Extraction Positive Pressure Manifold systems (SPE, PPM) for laboratories that prepare samples for further analysis. A dependable name in Nitrogen Evaporators, Column Ovens and Solid Phase extraction systems, we have constantly raised the bar of our designs to give better accuracy, productivity, usability and higher level of compliance as per regulations.

Takahe has introduced trend setting designs with the Bio-eVap Nitrogen Evaporator and the speX144 Solid Phase Extraction systems setting the standards for sample processing in CROs.

Laboratories that use our systems include
  • Pharma Research & Development
  • BA/BE Studies in Clinical Trials
  • Clinical Research
  • Food & Biotechnology - Fisheries, Agriculture including Fruits and Crops, Honey, Spices
  • Environment Testing Labs includes Soil and Water testing
  • Forensic Laboratories
  • Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Material Sciences

Our Products & Services

We manufacture a range of Nitrogen Evaporators, Positive Pressure Manifolds for Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), Multi Tube Vortexers and Shakers and Melting Point apparatus. Our products find their application in Pharmaceutical Industries, Small & Medium Chemical & Bulk Drug manufacturers, Clinical Research Organizations, Soil Testing laboratories, Food Industry, Independent Testing Laboratories, Oil & Gas, Forensic Science labs and Educational Institutions involved in Research.

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